Artist Statement - Chip Simons

A visual tale, shot over four years, about an innocent group of creatures in a beautiful post-apocalyptic bucolic life.

Fool on the Hill
"...see the sun go down and the eyes in his head…see the world spinning around…he never listens to them…he knows that they’re the fools…they don’t like him…the fool on the hill” 
~ The Beatles

A blend of expressionism, romanticism, mysticism and surrealism – with a little supernatural and psychedelic colors and three dimensional illusions.

To alleviate the weight of an all consuming solitude, Simons goes shooting. His most recent work has been on the top of the mountain, 10,736 ft above his home in the foothills of Albuquerque.  

"People think that I am a fool for not doing what they do and caring about what they care for…I walk around the hill in my own little universe creating images – looking through proscenium like arches and frames made of branches and leaves." Simons seeks out mystic symbols such as the sun, the clouds, the wind and ravens – drawing the viewer into these scenes with total depth, sharp stobe lights and other worldy colors.

Beautiful and emotive landscape images through the years.

Since the beginning in Gettysburg, PA, Simons always loved shooting landscapes. A combination of how light, color, weather and location can team up to make these otherworldly dreamscapes, fleeting and often romantic  at times similar to Dutch paintings, but with a supernatural and surreal edge. An emotional intensity and passionate excitement comes through in many of his images.  And, although there is a sadness  there is also hope.

My Black Period
There is emotional power in insignificant objects.

In the midst of a bitter divorce and knowing that his life would change forever in a matter of days, Simons frantically catalogued everything he had some emotional feel for and all the things that he knew would never be a part of his life again.  Memories of a world that was ending.  4000 frames of 400 things in 4 days, and on the 5th day he left...forever.

Kitsch and nostalgic images that are part surrealist, part pop-art and often a play on words. An antidote of happiness and humor to the sometimes static world we live in.