Welcome to The OHM Gallery.

The OHM Gallery is devoted to the enhancement of the public's appreciation of 20th Century and Contemporary visual arts. 

Na-Rae Ohm Petro's collection is eclectic - based on narrative, and heavily focused on the support and promotion of those whom she represents. She collects based on intuition, informed by a discerning visual aesthetic honed by her years in textile and interior design. Her collection encompasses a range of works by emerging as well as more renowned artists.

The OHM Gallery offers guidance and direction along each step of the art acquisition process, whether brought in at an early stage of residential construction, or skillfully incorporated into a newly completed interior design project. 

OHM aims to assist in assembling a private art collection that enhances one’s living environment while staying true to personal tastes and lifestyle. 

ARTIST SUBMISSIONS: The gallery is not accepting unsolicited submissions at the present time.